Big Sean Drops Some New Bars Over A Flipped J Dilla Beat: “It’s That Season”

24x7 Team

Big Sean Drops Some New Bars Over A Flipped J Dilla Beat It's That Season

Big Sean teases his return with Anderson Estate Freestyle.

Big Sean is back with some new offerings as the Detroit rapper unleashes some bars in a new Anderson Estate Freestyle. It is a freestyle over J Dilla flipped beat by Boi1da, Leon Thomas and Jahaan Sweet.

“Look i been in the crib getting over this food poisoning (Norovirus). i figured if Jordan can play in the Finals w/ food poisoning, least i can do is drop some bars!,” he wrote. “Decided to rap over this J Dilla flip Boi1da, Leon Thomas n Jahaan Sweet sent me, it’s that season!!!!” “This next run personal, LFG!!!” He also revealed plan to drop more new music tomorrow.

“I think where I lack most as an artist is consistency / I just haven’t had the energy to compete with enemies / Or y’all so-called bigger three, huh / But every verse I lay, fans love to say, “Man, ni–as is sleep” / But two hundred million records up though it isn’t a dream,” he raps.

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