Bryson Tiller Returns With A New Single “Outside”

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Bryson Tiller Returns With A New Single Outside

Bryson Tiller shares a new track “Outside”.

Apart from his assistance on Diddy’s latest single “Gotta Move On“, Bryson Tiller hasn’t been musically active since last year, but it changes today. The Kentucky artist has made his return with a new solo track “Outside”, which is his first own offering this year. The track samples Ying Yang Twins’ 2005 Grammy-nominated hit “Wait (The Whisper Song),” which was produced by Mr. Collipark.

Tiller finds himself making flirtatious advances toward a recently divorced woman over a pounding bass, hi-hats, and finger snaps. It has a speed that is perfect for the summer’s end and is a feel-good song.

Speaking about his newest song, Tiller claims that “Outside” is completely different from anything that people are accustomed to hearing from him. Usually, we would release a song that was meant to really touch listeners’ emotions, however this song is ANTI-FEELS.


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Last year, Tiller dropped “Killer Instinct 2: The Nightmare Before” on the Halloween, as the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the original tape. The singer then shared another short project “A Different Christmas” with appearances from Justin Bieber, Kiana Lede, Poo Bear and more.

Listen to his new song below.

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