Watch: Big Sean Releases New Song & Video “Precision”

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Watch Big Sean Releases New Song & Video Precision

Big Sean shares new music video “Precision”.

After giving us the “Whole Time” freestyle the other day, Big Sean officially makes his music return with a brand new song titled “Precision”. The song is produced by FNZ, Teddy Walton, Aaron Bow, Tom Kahre & Zacari, and it arrived with official music video.

“All eyes on me, ho, I feel like I’m Truman, and we finna win it ’cause I’m ’bout to lose it / I don’t give a f–k what computers is ‘puting, I go off of feel, no hesi just shoot it / I’d die for my team, I’m the coach, I’m recruitin’ / I’m spendin’ my time and I’m savin’ the day, ho, I feel a mutant, I built like a student,” he raps.

This kicks off his new era, and campaign for his next album, a follow-up to his “What You Expect” EP with Hit-Boy in 2021.

Watch the new video below.

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