50 Cent Praise Andrew Schulz For Gay Jokes On Meek Mill: “This Guy Is Funny As Hell”

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50 Cent Praise Andrew Schulz For Gay Jokes On Meek Mill This Guy Is Funny As Hell

50 Cent takes a dig at Meek Mill over Andrew Schulz’s gay jokes.

Andrew Schulz trolled Meek Mill as he made gay jokes on the Philly rapper during a comedy show in his hometown, in reference to his alleged s-xual relationship with Diddy. Now 50 Cent also decided to take a dig at Meek Mill as he praised Schulz on Instagram.

“This guy is funny as hell, @andrewschulz check him out. This wasn’t even the best part of his set. [shrug emoji] some people just got it,” he wrote with the clip of the comedian.

“I was gay happy. I was like Meek Mill,” Andrew said during his The Life Tour. ” I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think Meek is gay, but he’s incredibly bad at proving he’s straight. He is maybe the worst in history at doing that.”

He continued, “If someone accuses you of being gay, you don’t get on Twitter and go, ‘I love pu–y so much it’s so jui-y and wet, it’s my favorite thing to put my d–k in. I just put my d–k in it and it squeezes my d–k and it’s so jui-y and it’s so wet.’

“He was like, ‘I even had s-x with a girl on her period. That’s how you know I love women.’ He tweeted that and I was like, ‘Oh, he thinks that’s disgusting. And you know who else thinks that’s disgusting? The gays.’”

“Shoutout to Meek, bro,” he added. “He’s done amazing things for prison reform like getting all them gay dudes out so he can s–k their d–ks probably. Bunch of fine-a-s motherf–kers in jail. We need them on the streets so I can bust them cheeks. Hop on the back of this dirt bike or the front.”

Meek Mill also reacted to the clip in since deleted tweet. “[crying face emojis] the first time I laughed at being gay. But dont wit me in real life I May swing lol,” he wrote.


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