50 Cent Reveals He Did 4-5 Songs With Eminem For Scrapped “Relapse 2” Album

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50 Cent Reveals He Did 4-5 Songs With Eminem For Scrapped Relapse 2 Album

50 Cent talks touring, unreleased music with Eminem, 8 Mile and more.

50 Cent is currently on his It’s Final Lap world tour, and the rapper connected with Czech Republic radio station Evropa 2 for a new interview. In the interview, the rapper talked about new music, working with Eminem, unreleased Relapse 2 songs, 8 Mile and more.

“When I’m not moving around and not touring, doing things, then its going to permit me to focus on creating music,” he said. “You get little more of what you get from Dr. Dre and Eminem from me at that point. When the last time you have seen Eminem on tour? You see what I’m saying? It’s been a while but he’ll go and make the music. Because his passion is still in music. He’s like a lab-rat. He’ll go to the studio and come up with something new.”

He continued, “Em supported me, he’s like my best friend. It’s rare that you run into someone who always has your best interest at heart. There is no point that he’s not looking at it and going is that good for him. He won’t want me to do it if it’s not good for me. They tried to get him to do the Super Bowl he wouldn’t do it without me.”

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“We have a whole CD together,” he said in response to music with Eminem. “He did Relapse and when he didn’t see the response that he wanted from that, he scrapped Relapse 2. And then went to Recovery. On Relapse 2, we had 4-5 songs on the album together but the world will probably never hear that record [Laughs], it will probably stay in his machines, yeah.”

“Em may not release it but he’s gonna make new music. This guy goes like people go to work from 9 to 5. He gets up and goes in recording studio from 9 to 5 like its a job. So he’s always coming up with something. He’s always doing something.”

“8 Mile is a huge hit. I think it’s important for his legacy that it to be done correctly so I’m really tedious about who comes in as a writer, showrunner for the project and how its structured and put together. And to be be able to tap into that time period, because it was different than now.”

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