Eminem Drops “Killer” Remix Feat. Jack Harlow & Cordae

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Watch Eminem Drops Killer Remix Feat. Jack Harlow & Cordae

Eminem releases the “Killer” remix with Jack Harlow and Cordae.

Following the surprise announcement earlier today, Eminem returns with some more new material as the legendary Detroit MC enlists two of the best young rappers Jack Harlow and Cordae for the remix of his song called “Killer“. The track appeared on the deluxe version of his album “Music To Be Murdered By” which dropped at the end of last year. “You know we had to do a remix, right?” wrote Eminem while announcing the surprise remix.

Earlier this week, new rumours surfaced that Em and Post Malone were planning a duet. Post Malone earlier stated in 2019 that a planned collaboration between himself and Marshall Mathers did not take place owing to clashing “timing.” Rumours of a collaboration between Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Kendrick Lamar emerged earlier this month as well.

Listen to the remix below which is out now.

Recently, Jack Harlow appeared on the SNL parody of Eminem’s “Without Me” along with Pete Davidson. The Kentucky native also called the Detroit Rapper one of his biggest influences in rap, which had fans wishing for a collaboration. He also called out today’s young generation for slandering Detroit’s rap icon. “Eminem’s catching a lot of slander from the new generation,” says Jack Harlow. “I think they don’t have the context of what he was. Truly an icon. When I was 9 through 13, that’s really who I wanted to be. I used to watch 8 Mile, and I’ll watch the scene of him in the warehouse and just get off. That movie and the freestyles at the end, I knew the lyrics to all of them. I love Eminem. And I don’t like the new slander. I don’t like the new wave that slanders him.

On the other hand, Jack Harlow has kept himself occupied by continuing to exhibit his personality to his followers. Following the release of his hit first album Thats What They All Say, Harlow has made appearances at All-Star Weekend activities and even had an appearance on Complex’s Hot Ones.

Last year, Eminem also praised Cordae and called him one of the great talents in the rap game currently. In an interview, Cordae was also asked about any chances of working with Eminem, to which he said, “Right, we will see, we will definitely see, for sure, we will see.” Cordae who went viral for his remix over Eminem’s “My Name Is” a few years ago, showed his love for Eminem in an interview a couple of years ago. “I love Eminem. You think Eminem heard my ‘My Name Is’ freestyle? Yo, did I not mention Eminem? Eminem is a f**king GOAT. Let me just say this, that ni**a’s crazy bro! That My Name Is song was STUPID! The way he put s**t together bro that’s crazy. That is a man who nobody wanna f**k with. That ni**a’s crazy.


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