Vince Staples Drops Music Video For “Are You With That?”

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Vince Staples Drops Music Video For Are You With That

Vince Staples releases a new song “Are You With That?”.

Last month, Vince Staples made his return with “Law of Averages” and now he continues dropping new material as he releases a new song called “Are You With That?“. The song is produced by Vince’s go-to collaborator Kenny Beats.

Are you with that? I won’t get back
I’m gon’ hop out and crack
Are you with that? (Yeah) I want big racks (Yeah)
I’m gon’ flock, I’m gon’ stack (Huh?)
Are you with that? (Ayy) Won’t forget that (Ayy)
Shit I saw in my past (Yeah)
Are you with that (Yeah) like I’m with that?
Hope you watchin’ your back,” he sings in the chorus.

Vince Staples is all set to drop his self-titled album this week. This will be a follow-up to his 2018’s “FM!“, which also featured Kenny Beats on multiple records. The new album will release on 9th July, and it will have a pack of 10 new tracks, including the two recent drops. The Compton rapper announced the project a few days ago, on the occasion of his 28th Birthday on 2nd July.

UPDATE: Added the official music video. Directed by Jack Begert.

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