Russ Releases Two New Songs EP “That’s My Girl & Tired”

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Russ Releases Two New Songs EP That's My Girl & Tired

Russ shares a two-song EP “That’s My Girl & Tired”.

Russ continues putting out new freebies as he now drops a pack of two new songs, which is titled “That’s My Girl & Tired” EP. The two self-produced songs are titled “That’s My Girl” and “Tired.”

“Tired of wakin’ up to someone f–kin’ up, every day, I gotta clean up a mess / Tired of feelin’ like I can’t relax in an interview, I got a puff on my chest / Tired of bein’ afraid that I’m gonna lose everything, tired of bein’ on edge / Tired of takin’ responsibility for people’s emotions, I said what I said, I’m tired,” he raps on Tired.

The new music follows up his previous offerings “Work This Out” with DJ Premier, “In The Dirt“, “I Got You” and more.

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