DJ Premier & Russ Releases New Song “Work This Out”

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DJ Premier & Russ Releases New Song Work This Out

DJ Premier and Russ reunite on “Work This Out.”

Russ continues putting out new material as he assists DJ Premier on the song titled “Work This Out”, which is for the legendary producer’s upcoming album. This follows up Russ’ previous release “In The Dirt.

“The legend @djpremier called me and said he needed a love song for his album so at midnight “Work This Out” drops. A honor to have another record in the catalogue with one of the goats,” wrote Russ. “Thanks for tha love Russ. Came out the way I imagined it! You got busy on it. ‘Preciate the Love Brother!,” responds Premier.


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“Some they say you gonna react, bae, I cross the line too often / You tell me that I got you f–ked up and you start walkin’ / Said ain’t no more talkin’ (Quiet) that you need your space now / Build your trust in me when I hurt you it just breaks down, yeah,” he raps.

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