Nicki Minaj Drops “For All The Barbz” Freestyle Feat. Drake & Chief Keef

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Nicki Minaj Drops For All The Barbz Freestyle Feat. Drake & Chief Keef

Nicki Minaj enlist Drake and Chief Keef for “For All The Barbz” Freestyle.

Nicki Minaj continues putting out new material as she now shares a freestyle titled “For All The Barbz”. The song features assistance from Drake and Chief Keef”. This follows up last week’s “Bahm Bahm“, and it was released ahead of the upcoming new album “Pink Friday 2”.

“Yeah, Jason got money that glow in the dark / Hit up the dawg like I’m OVO Mark / Walk-in closet, got more Chrome in than Stark / Forty K a night to sleep at the Mark,” raps Drake.

“These bi–hes don’t want beef, chef, hold the steak / These bi–hes don’t want smoke, say “no” to vape / I get these bi–hes scramblin’ when I throw the bait / One sub kill five bi–hes, OceanGate, uh / Like three hunnids blue,” raps Minaj.

Nicki Minaj is prepping the release of her long-awaited new fifth studio album “Pink Friday 2“, which is scheduled to drop on November 17. Nicki Minaj has now pushed the album for December release, as she will now drop it on her 41st birthday 8th December.

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