City Girls Releases Their New Album “RAW” Feat. Usher, Lil Durk & More

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City Girls Releases Their New Album RAW Feat. Usher, Lil Durk & More

City Girls shares their new album “RAW”.

City Girls, the duo of Yung Miami and JT make their return to the music scene as they drop a brand new album “RAW”, which stands for “Real A-s Wh-res”. This is their third studio album, and a follow up to 2020’s “City On Lock”, and 2018’s “Girl Code”.

The new project comes with a pack of 18 tracks, including previously released Usher collab “Good Love“. The additional guest appearances come from Lil Durk on “Static”, Juicy J on “Fancy A-s Bi–h”, Muni Long on “Emotions” and more.

The solo offerings include “RAW”, “Pinata”, “Show Me The Money”, “I Need A Thug”, “Face Down”, “What You Want” and more.

“We just wanna show that we are authentic, ourselves, and raw,” said Miami in a new interview with VIBE. “We just wanted to bring that City Girl energy, fun music, and alter ego music for women. Raw, real-a-s women, real b–ches. And that’s just what it is. I hope that our fans will be able to see our growth. I hope that they’ll be able to see that we put our blood, sweat, and tears into this album. This album means so much to us. It’s been three years. This is our first real album since JT been home, and it’s a body of work.”

“I feel like it’s going to shut a lot of people up too. I feel like a lot of people are going to tune in just to have something to say, and when they finally listen to it, they’re going to like it,” said JT in new interview with Variety.

She continued, “Right now, it feels like there’s a lot of people doubting us. It’s just a bitter time for a lot of people coming out of the lockdown and people feel so entitled and opinionated and it’s just popular to be hateful right now. I won’t say that people are just hating on us, I just see a lot of hate in the world. I hope that this album puts fun back into music from our direction. I hope it makes them fall back in love with us.”

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