Kid Cudi Drops New Song “At The Party” Feat. Pharrell & Travis Scott

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Kid Cudi Drops New Song At The Party Feat. Pharrell & Travis Scott

Kid Cudi enlist Pharrell & Travis Scott for “At The Party”.

Kid Cudi continues putting out new material as he finally drops Pharrell & Travis Scott collaboration “At The Party”. Pharrell Williams assists on production and chorus, while Cudi and Scott provide one verse each. This follows up on Cudi’s recent “ILL WHAT I BLEED” music video.

“Just a lover in the night life / Baby love me, beg to get it, this yo’ stick right / Said she wanna swim in night vibes / I got what you want ma, dealin’ with a king,” raps Scott.

“I was just there at the function / Had the sh-t bumpin’, Vivin’ Westwood with the buttons / I went no limit with the budget / P and the Cudi, had the hoes heavy on the money,” raps Scott.

Kid Cudi is prepping the release of his ninth studio album “INSANO” which will reportedly drop in early next year.

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