New Video: Benny The Butcher – Big Dog (Feat. Lil Wayne) (Prod. The Alchemist)

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New Video Benny The Butcher - Big Dog (Feat. Lil Wayne) (Prod. The Alchemist)

Benny The Butcher enlist Lil Wayne for “Big Dog”.

Benny The Butcher returns with some new material as he enlists Lil Wayne for new single “Big Dog”. The track is produced by The Alchemist, and it is released through Def Jam Recordings.

“Tunechi and the Butcher, I shoot you, he’ll juug you / The mute be on the blooka, that’s the Uzi with the shusher / The doobies lookin’ fuller and the jewels be full of boogers / Diamonds cover the watch face like a Sunni and a Muslim,” raps Wayne.

“King of New York, a Buffalo ni–a, okay, I said it / I hear you rappers claimin’ the crown, if you want it, you gotta come get it, yeah / New MGK revin’, hold up, oh, I want that new 911, alright / Walk in that bi–h, spendin’ cash, so it ain’t no need to run up my credit,” raps Butcher.

This is Butcher’s first new music since last year’s “Tana Talk 4” project. He is currently prepping his next album, reportedly titled “Everybody Can’t Go.”

“I always felt like I was an underdog. Y’all know sometimes I beat it in the ground, but a ni–a [is] a big dog now,” Benny said about the collab. “Just the way the beat sounded, it’s so melodic… Wayne is true to his word. He said, ‘Anytime I need him.’ Shout out Mack Maine and shout out everybody over there. But anytime I needed bro, he came through for me.”

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