Wiz Khalifa Releases A New Mixtape “Khali Sober”

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Wiz Khalifa Releases A New Mixtape Cali Sober

Wiz Khalifa shares a new project “Khali Sober”.

Wiz Khalifa is back with another new project as he drops the mixtape titled “Khali Sober”. This follows up his June project titled “See Ya“, a 25-track mixtape.

““Cali Sober” The new mixtape and beginning to the next chapter of the saga of wiz Khalifa in an industry where the mixtape has taken a back seat wiz is daring enough to bring his talents to the forefront delivering an instant stoner classic with many more promised to follow,” he wrote earlier this week.

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The new mixtape comes with a pack of 12 tracks, including no guest appearances. The tracks are titled “Uptown Bound”, “Would Be Muggers”, “Chance To Get Out”, “Tha Payoff”, “The Last of Freddie”, “Owned By The Man”, “Dirty Laundry” and more.

Last year, Wiz Khalifa released his seventh solo studio album Multiverse through Taylor Gang Entertainment and Asylum Records.

Stream the entire thing below.

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