Watch: Doja Cat Drops Music Video For “Agora Hills”

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Watch Doja Cat Drops Music Video For Agora Hills

Doja Cat shares visual for “Agora Hills”.

Doja Cat finally released her highly anticipated fourth studio album “Scarlet” last night. The project arrived with another Doja Cat music video, for the song titled “Agora Hills”. The track is produced by Earl on the Beat, GENT, Jean Baptiste & Bangs, and the visual is directed by Hannah Lux Davis & Doja herself.

“Hope you can handlе the heat, put your name in the streets / Get used to my fans lookin’ at you / F–k what they heard, I don’t f–k with them birds / I’m a mean kitty, don’t get stabbed with the rat tooth,” she raps, possibly referencing attention to her relationship with Jefferey J Cyrus.

The track’s title has been floating around for months, and it samples Troop’s 1989 hit “All I Do Is Think of You.” The title is a misspelling of the Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills.

This follows up her previous videos “Demons” and “Paint The Town Red”.

Watch the new video below.

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