KRSNA Drops Music Video For “Some Of Us” Feat. AR Paisley

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KRSNA Drops Music Video For Some Of Us Feat. AR Paisley

KRSNA shares visual for “Some Of Us” with AR Paisley.

KRSNA continues putting out new material as he now drops a music video for his song titled “Some Of Us”. This is a collaboration with Indian-Canadian rapper AR Paisley. The song is produced by JP Beats, and the new visual is directed by Canfuse.

“I don’t like to say much, save all of the questions / Some of us are grateful, counting up our blessings / Some of us are focused on our L’s instead of learning from our lessons / But I feel like God’s watching and we’re all just being tested,” raps Paisley on the Outro.

The song appeared on KRSNA’s comeback EP “Far From Over“, which was released with a pack of 5 tracks.

KRSNA’s Rolling Stone India Interview.

“Initially in my career, I was just doing my own thing. I used to go to and perform at random places and maybe just do one song […] From around 2014 to 2017, I was not doing many shows so I kind of missed that feeling [of being on stage],” he told Rolling Stone India recently.

He also addressed artists not converting their streaming success into concert ticket sales. “I think that’s a thing outside of India and a lot more seen in the U.S., although there was the news about Lil Baby recently and how he couldn’t sell as many tickets and had to cancel select dates. But he’s doing crazy numbers,” he said. “There’s a good chance people will show up if you have a lot of streams, but the extent of it is always debatable.”

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