Lil Durk Brings Out J. Cole To Perform “All My Life” In Las Vegas

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Lil Durk Brings Out J. Cole To Perform All My Life In Las Vegas

Lil Durk and J. Cole perform “All My Life” for the first time.

The iHeart Radio Festival kicked off last night in Las Vegas, and the first day featured a set from Lil Durk. During his performance at the T-Mobile Arena, Lil Durk also surprised the crowd with guest star J. Cole. The two then joined forces for a performance of their recent collaboration “All My Life“.

The Dr. Luke-produced joint was released in May along with a music video with direction from Steve Cannon. The song appeared on Smurk’s eighth studio album “Almost Healed“. The track peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“He went super crazy,” the Chicago rapper said previously. “And it’s so crazy because we’d been talking for, like, two years. He’d always be like, ‘Send me a record.’ And I’m like, ‘I gotta find the right record.’ Man, I’m glad it wasn’t three years. In my eyes, he a legend so if you have a chance to do a song with a legend, you either send them something just to send it, just to say you got one, or you gon’ make it stick. But that’s why I never just sent him a record. ‘Cause I’m like, ‘I want something that’s gon’ stick.’ Yeah, as soon as I did the record, he’s the first person that popped into my head. I’m like, ‘I got it.’ Yeah, that’s why I believe in timing. Timing is everything.”

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