Watch: Meek Mill’s Funk Flex Freestyle Over Biggie’s “Warning”

24x7 Team

Watch Meek Mill's Funk Flex Freestyle Over Biggie's Warning

Meek Mill spits bars in Funk Flex Freestyle.

Meek Mill continues the promo run for the new album with Rick Ross as he made an appearance on Hot 97 for a Funk Flex session. This is his first appearance since late 2018, and he dropped bars for a funk flex freestyle session.

On the show, the Philly icon unleashes a 5-minute freestyle over The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Warning”. “They gon’ put a tracker on your Hawk and try to keep it on you / Gotta play your part and they start scheming on you / Knock ’em out the park right when they start speaking on you / Ni–as rocking ice and trying to slide without them heaters on you / That’s how you get caught lacking,” he rapped.

Meek Mill and Rick Ross joined forces on the new joint album “Too Good To Be True“, which is projected to move around 30-35k equivalent units in the first week.

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