Yelawolf Announces Return To Rap With New Double Album “War Story”

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Yelawolf Announces Return To Rap With New Double Album War Story

Yelawolf teases return to rap with upcoming album War Story.

After giving us the rock & roll album “Sometimes Y” with Shooter Jennings last year, Yelawolf is all set to return to rap with a new double album War Story. This will be his first rap album since 2021’s “Mud Mouth“.

The double album split into two parts, Trunk Muzik 4Ever, produced by WLPWR, and Michael Wayne, produced by Malay. “I have his trust creatively,” WLPWR told SPIN. “Legit chemistry. Never forced. He’s an elite creative, so working with him inspires me to find new sonics. He responds to unique sounds and rhythms like no one I’ve ever seen before.”

“I was so fueled by the rock & roll album that I did with Shooter. The Sometimes Y album had such great critical acclaim,” Yelawolf told Spin. “And Shooter would make statements like, “I think we’ve saved rock & roll,” and I was like, “Whoa, man, that’s a f–king statement.” But then it just kind of coasted its way under the radar. And for whatever reason, that’s where it lives. And although we’re very proud of it—we played the Grammy Museum and were in consideration for a Grammy and all that stuff—then it was like crickets. I couldn’t get the band together to push it, and I wasn’t going to perform with another band. So me and [DJ] Klever just said, “F–k it. Let’s just go do a hip-hop set.” So I was just so fueled to rap again. My tank got refilled, so to speak, and it turned out I had a lot to say.”

He continued, “I would love to see a place in hip-hop for me to elevate and to bring the quality of the music and what we’ve put together to the forefront of the mainstream. I would like for Drake fans, Kendrick Lamar fans, Three 6 Mafia fans, Future fans, XTentacion fans—I think it would be rad for me if the younger generation would take a hold of the project. That would be amazing. To put something this different into the game of hip-hop and to be accepted, appreciated, and respected is the ultimate goal.”


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