NBA Youngboy Says Youtube Is Blackballing His Music: “F–k Y’all”

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NBA Youngboy Says Youtube Is Blackballing His Music F--k Y'all

NBA Youngboy slams YouTube for allegedly blackballing him.

NBA Youngboy has a strong fanbase on YouTube, and he gets the most attraction for his music on the video platform. However, the rapper now believes that he’s being blackballed on the platform, as he slams YouTube through a video message.

“S–k my d–k. I still don’t give a f–k. F–k y’all,” he said in the clip. It does seem like the rapper isn’t getting the views he used to get before on the platform. Just the other day, he shared a pack of three new songs “No Who”, “My Body”, and the video “Deep Down”, and neither of these still not touched a million mark.

“Bro is a self-proclaimed gangsta who constantly portrays himself as a victim in every situation,” wrote a user. “his videos deadass don’t pop up on my notifications , they been shadowbanning him for years,” claims another. “Bro ain’t blackballed he js fallin off,” wrote another. “Bro just victim at life at this point.”


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NBA Youngboy is prepping the release of his new album “Decided 2”, which is a sequel to his 2018 project. Check out his three new songs below.

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