Joe Budden Says He’s Seen Megan Thee Stallion Do “Horrible Things” To Great People

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Joe Budden Says He's Seen Megan Thee Stallion Do Horrible Things To Great People

Joe Budden doubles down on his disliking for Megan Thee Stallion.

During the recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the rapper-turned-journalist discussed Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion’s ongoing trial, and stated that he doesn’t like the “WAP” hitmaker. “I got some theories,” he said. “But what I can say is I’m finished with these ni***s and I don’t like that girl. I can’t.”

“Personally, I’ve seen this woman do horrible things to some really great people that I have a long-standing relationship with here in this industry,” he stated. “So I’m biased. You can’t just treat my friends, and people I f**k with, and people I’ve seen in this game for 15 years a certain way.”

Now budden clarified his comments and revealed that it has nothing to do with the trial. “I want to be clear, I don’t know her as a person; she could be amazing,” he said. “But there’s a lot to deal with when you sign and a lot happens fast.”

The Tory Lanez trial got underway last week, and testimony may go on until Wednesday (Dec. 21). It was the defendant’s chance to bring witnesses to the stand on Tuesday, December 20. One of them is a neighbour by the name of Sean Kelly who reportedly saw Tory and Meg fight from a distance.

One of the trial’s standout moments included Megan’s old friend Kelsey Harris, who purportedly had immunity from being prosecuted but refused to discuss Tory’s role in the shooting in July 2020. Harris further denied witnessing Tory shoot Megan.

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