Donald Glover Announces Final Two Childish Gambino Albums: “Atavista” & “Bando Stone & The New World”

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Donald Glover Announces Final Two Childish Gambino Albums Atavista & Bando Stone & The New World

Donald Glover to drop final two Childish Gambino albums.

After announcing his GILGA Radio Instagram Livestream, Donald Glover has officially announced his next album “Atavista”, and a final album “Bando Stone & The New World” soundtrack.

“We’re releasing Atavista, but after that, there’s the final Childish Gambino album… a soundtrack for the fans,” he reveals in the soundtrack. According to reports, ‘Atavista’ is likely to drop in coming weeks, while the final soundtrack is due for this summer.

Donald Glover previously teased that Atavista will be a reworked version of his 2020 album 3/15/20. “3.15.20” was Gambino’s fourth studio album and dropped four years ago. The project featured appearances from Ariana Grande, 21 Savage, Ink and more.

“I feel like it’ll be clear sooner rather than later,” he said about new music in an interview last year. “It’d be better for people to just tune in, I suppose. But I’m trying harder to not be cryptic. Tyler is always, like, “You’re so cryptic.” But I’m like, “I’m really not.” I just like suspense, I guess. I think it makes stuff better. But that’s just me.” “You’ll see. [Laughs.] You’ll see,” he added.

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