Westside Gunn Says Eminem, Jay-Z & Kanye West Helped Him Realize How “ILL” He Is

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Westside Gunn Says Eminem, Jay-Z & Kanye West Helped Him Realize How ILL He Is

Westside Gunn reflects on working with Eminem, Kanye West, JAY-Z and more.

Westside Gunn has worked with some of the greats of the game, which includes Eminem, JAY-Z and Kanye West, and the Buffalo native revealed what he learned from these legends.

The rapper who released his new album “And Then You Pray For Me“, made an appearance on SiriusXM‘s “Hip Hop Nation” radio show as part of the promo run.

“Talk to me about some of these incredible relationships you have, we see you with Em, we see you with Hov, we see you with Ye, we see with… rest up to the great Virgil [Abloh], So many of these instrumental and influential people in the building. What are some of the things that you’ve learned from being in these environments?” the host asked.

“Not to sound crazy… I learned how ill I am,” Gunn said in response. “You heard the names that you just named. They don’t get no bigger. And these is guys that’s my friends, my family. I could call them and ask them for anything. So, that’s how you have Virgil on the cover [on albums Pray for Paris and And Then You Pray for Me]. The ‘Steve & Jony’ record that’s on the album? That idea came from Hov. He called me and him that. We was just talking about this album, and he was like, ‘Yo, you should name one of them songs that.’”


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