Twista Recalls First Listening Impression Of Drake & Jay Electronica’s Music

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Twista Recalls First Listening Impression Of Drake & Jay Electronica's Music

Twista remembers the first time impression of Drake & Jay Electronica.

Twista recently made an appearance on HipHopDX, where the rap icon was asked about Drake, to which he revealed his initial reaction to listening to the Toronto rap star.

“Probably coming back from a show on the road or at the studio, y’know, and not being around a lot of people when I was listening to it ’cause I was in my own creative space,” he said. “It wasn’t like I was watching everybody vibe out to it… I’m sitting here listening to it myself, so I know a dope rapper when I hear it.”

“Once the ni–a said, ‘I do one song and use four flows,’ it was over right there,’” he said, in reference to song ‘Going in for Life’ from 2007 mixtape Comeback Season. “Y’know, ’cause I know I do a song and use four flows, so when I heard somebody else say that, instantly I was like… ‘This cat is about to be, like, the man.’”

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In the conversation, he then recalled listening to Jay Electronica for the first time. “I just went crazy when I heard him,” he said. “He sounds like the pure essence of Hip Hop to me, y’know what I mean? Like if you looked up Hip Hop in the dictionary, there his ass go right there, y’know what I mean?”

He continued, “That’s what he sounded like to me, like just the pure essence of Hip Hop… lyrically, vocally, the whole intent, the way he sounds on Just Blaze’s music. Y’know, everything is just dope, so I like him as an artist.”

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