The Game Picks Machine Gun Kelly As Winner In Beef With Eminem

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The Game Picks Machine Gun Kelly As Winner In Beef With Eminem

The Game discusses Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly beef.

The Game was a recent guest on Vlad TV for a new interview, where he rates some of the rap beefs, which includes Nicki Minaj vs Megan Thee Stallion, and Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly. He first picked Nicki Minaj, then the Cleveland artist over Eminem as winners.

“You know what? People get mad when you say sh-t about Eminem or you talk about Eminem but I gotta give that to Machine Gun Kelly,” says The Game. “You know what’s crazy, I feel like old Eminem was just deadly and I feel like this Eminem is just a legendary guy. He’s one of the best rappers in the world, ever. But skill-wise now, the ability to compete right now and compete back then when he had the beef with Machine Gun Kelly I just don’t feel like… You know what I’m saying? He filled the glass.”

He continued: “I feel like Machine Gun Kelly came out of nowhere with a dope a-s [diss track]… the Killshot sh-t and was actually lyrically crazy on that motherf–ker. And Machine Gun Kelly can actually really f–king rap. Aside from what he’s doing outside of rap music and punk rock and doing what he doing that’s his business but as far as like rap, I mean, you got a white kid from Cleveland, the hood, he go for what he go for. Eminem same way from Detroit. Seems like all his hommies are blacks, so we get it. But yeah, on that particular beef, I gotta get out with Machine Gun Kelly.”

“I have not seen Eminem since then [Recording on his first album]. Since 2004. Like, twenty years. Dre is from California, he lives down the street but Eminem still lives in Detroit. I don’t know if he has house here. If he goes somewhere, it’s like Super Bowl type sh-t. People may not agree what I’m saying about beefs but I’m really a rap veteran and as far as beef I might be at the top of the top. So, when I judge something and say something, it’s not like ‘I don’t know what the f–k I’m talking about.’”

Check out the interview below.

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