Fat Joe Reveals DJ Khaled Pushed Him To Get Eminem Verse For “Lean Back” Remix

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Fat Joe Reveals DJ Khaled Pushed Him To Get Eminem Verse For Lean Back Remix.

Fat Joe reveals DJ Khaled told him to get Eminem for the “Lean Back” remix.

Fat Joe states that he secured Eminem’s verse for the “Lean Back” remix after motivation from DJ Khaled.

Rolling Stones shared a profile on producer DJ Khaled, which includes praises from fellow hip-hop fraternity. Fat Joe also praised the Miami producer and revealed that he pushed him to get Eminem for the “Lean Back” Remix.

“When we did ‘Lean Back,’ we did it in a studio in [Khaled’s] house,” Joe reveals. “I remember when it came to be remix time, I would’ve never thought I had a chance in the world of getting Eminem.

“He told me, ‘You could get Em.’ And I went all out and I got Eminem because Khaled had pushed me to,” he added.

Joey Crack also had an appreciation for Eminem, and he several times stated that he missed the chance to sign the Detroit rapper in his early days, which is his biggest regret. “Man I got so many regrets,“The biggest is that Eminem gave me so many demos – six different times he approached me and I didn’t sign him. Shame on me.” “I’m so blessed to have a career. You’ve got to understand this: there are 10 million people trying to rap and only one makes it, and the fact that even when someone makes it, most of the time, 99 percent, they are a one-hit wonder.”

“I was just immature, I was crazy, I keep tryna tell y’all,” he said. “I was wild for the night, and for the day. So I was just in these places, Revolt summit, people would just give me their demos. So I was just tryna get myself in the game and Eminem apparently gave me his demo. So years later, we had dinner, me, Em and B-Real from Cypress Hill. Em was like, yo Joe Imma tell you something, I was like what, he was like I gave you my demo like 6 times. I was like nooooo… Jesus christ.”

He continues, “I remember Eminem from a performance with this group Outsidez, they had a very dope thing and it’s where I met Biggie too. It was like Lyricists lounge in New York. So Eminem, skinny white boy, me and [Big] Pun, closed the lyricists lounge. We headlined and Em performed with some Outsidez. They were all black kids with dreadlocks, and Em was so skinny, he was going so crazy and they were holding him by his pants, or he was gonna fall off the stage. And we knew that he was crazy. It was too late, it wasn’t demo time, he was on, was just about to go with Dr. Dre.”


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