Boosie Badazz Says Trenches Doesn’t Listen To Eminem: “I Only Saw Him On MTV”

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Boosie Badazz Says Trenches Doesn't Listen To Eminem I Only Saw Him On MTV

Boosie Badazz says his hometown doesn’t listen to Eminem.

Eminem’s name often comes up in conversations where people claim that the Detroit rapper doesn’t get played in the hoods, and now Boosie Badazz also says that his hometown doesn’t listen to the ‘Lose Yourself’ rapper. In a new interview with Cam Capone News, Boosie was asked about Dr. Umar’s comments that Eminem is not the GOAT rapper because he’s white.

“Where I’m from, we don’t listen to Eminem,” Boosie said. “I’m from the trenches. I never heard nobody come into my project playing Eminem. I’ma keep it real.”

“When I hear him, I say, ‘He can rap.’ I always say that. I used to like that song ‘Slim Shady.’ But where I’m from? I’ve never heard one song in my project. I never heard Eminem not one time in the speakers in my project. None of my friends never said, ‘Play that new Eminem.’ I only saw him on MTV, you know, TV.”

He continued, “Everybody has their greats. If you put 10 people lined up on this couch, everybody gon’ tell you five different greats. Eminem’s music has touched a lot of people. DMX‘s music has touched a lot of people. DMX is in my Top 5 ’cause I always felt, listening to his music, that he really lived that. Even though I wasn’t from New York, my street ni–as still saluted him and played his music. I heard him in the hood.”

“I can’t look at… put people in my top if I never knew their music. If I only listened to couple songs and saw a couple videos. You have to really touch me… for me to feel your greatness. I hear Eminem, I’ll be like ‘okay, I like that song’ but never went and bought the CD, Stood out of the store to buy Eminem’s CD.”

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