Tyga & YG Releases A New Song & Video “PLATINUM”

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Tyga & YG Releases A New Song & Video PLATINUM

Tyga and YG connect on “PLATINUM”.

Following the release of “West Coast Weekend” with Blxst last week, the duo of YG and Tyga continues putting out new music as they now shares the song called “PLATINUM”. The song is produced by DTP, and it also arrives with a music video. This is reportedly off their upcoming joint album.

“You know how many bi**hes thugged out off the liquor? / Straight tequila shots, so it’s f**kin’ up my liver / Shoutout 800, that’s my motherf**kin’ hitter / That’s my killer, that’s my dawg, that’s my motherf**kin’ ni**a,” raps YG.

“I don’t f**k rats no more, I’m at the top (Top) / Send me the addy, you know it’s gon’ pop (Pop) / Bi**h, take a look at the sip and don’t flock (Flock) / She bouncin’ on my d**k, man, this bi**h got hops,” raps Tyga.

YG and Tyga teamed up on several tracks previously, like of “Run” with BIA, “Go Loko” with Jon Z, “Bop” with Blueface, “Bi**hes Aint Sh*t” with Nipsey Hussle, “Mamacita” with Santana and more.

Watch the new video below.

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