Tom MacDonald Releases A New Song & Video “Brainwashed”

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Tom MacDonald Releases A New Song & Video Brainwashed

Tom MacDonald drops a new song “Brainwashed”.

Tom MacDonald continues dropping new monthly material as he releases a brand new single called “Brainwashed“. It follows up the Independent Canadian rapper’s last month’s offering “Withdrawals“. Just like his previous songs, this one is also produced by Tom MacDonald himself. As the title suggests, Tom raps about how people and media try to brainwash us, while touching on topics like politics, entertainment, racism, and more.

Let’s just have the conversation
Not every Liberal is dumb, not all Republicans are racist
The government wants everybody fighting with their neighbors
‘Cause they know that if we get along, we’ll probably go against ’em,” he says in the song.

The song comes along with an official video which is shot and directed by his girlfriend Nova Rockafeller.

In essence, he is arguing in the song that although the LGBTQ+ group is given a whole month, the government only set aside one day for each of the numerous individuals who have died defending the nation. He is attempting to clarify the priorities of our administration.

Anyone familiar with Tom MacDonald’s work would immediately assume that “Brainwashed” is a metaphor for the people. So it is with this song, which is yet another vehicle for the rapper to “Rage Against the Machine.”

Previously, the Canadian rapper dropped a song called “Dear Slim” over an original Eminem-produced beat. The original Eminem-produced beat he got through the Detroit Rapper’s first NFT Release recently, which featured an auction-based NFT called “Stan’s Revenge“. The independent rapper was the highest bidder to get the bundle with a whopping $100,000.

“I can say is I’ve never been so scared to write a song in my life, my guy,” says Tom MacDonald. “When you start rapping because of Eminem and then the way the universe work and all of a sudden I got an Eminem beat in my hands, I swear to god When I get a beat that motivates me to write, I write that shit right away. And I sat with this beat in my phone for a week before I started writing, I was like Nah bro.”

Watch the video below.

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