Rick Ross & Meek Mill Drops New Song & Video “Lyrical Eazy”

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Rick Ross & Meek Mill Drops New Song & Video "Lyrical Eazy"

Rick Ross and Meek Mill connect on “Lyrical Eazy”.

Rick Ross and Meek Mill continue putting out new material as the two now join forces for a new collab “Lyrical Eazy”. This follows up their previous offering “Shaq & Kobe”, and it also arrived with a music video.

“Off that 42, get turnt like Dugg and them / ‘Bout that cash, it get real slimy, talk like Thug and ’em / Ni–a say they f–k with us, but we don’t f–k with them / My youngin’ got that chopper, turn to Andre, he star drummin’ ’em,” raps Meek.

“Straight from Star Island, take me to Jamaica / Three-hundred foot yacht, never droppin’ anchor / Count a thousand pounds as we ride around / Disrespect is not allowed so we shot him down,” raps Ross.

The duo are prepping the release of their new joint album “Too Good To Be True”, which is due to drop on November 10th.

“Ni–as ain’t seen me or Ross around each other for a long time,” said Meek in the announcement of a new album. “We got back to the business, straight back to the family, love, and jumped right back in the studio immediately. So, y’all about to get that live and direct and what happens. Tune in.”

“That’s when I heard you came and played me the joints,” Diddy said about their previous collab Shaq & Kobe. “And then when I saw the video, I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!’ Even Meek, I was like, ‘Yeah, that n-gga’s bucket [hat] hittin’ just right.’ I’m like, ‘This is refreshing.’ You know what I’m saying?”

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