Quavo Responds To Chris Brown With Diss Track “Over Ho*s & Bi**hes” Feat. Takeoff

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Quavo Responds To Chris Brown With Diss Track Over Hos & Bihes Feat. Takeoff

Quavo snapped back at Chris Brown with “Over Ho*s & Bi**hes.”

After being dissed by Chris Brown with the song titled “Weakest Link“, Quavo responded back in less than two days with the diss track “Over Ho*s & Bi**hes.” The DJ Durel-produced track also features posthumous assistance from the late Takeoff.

“Lil’ bi–h, come dance battle with my drac’ / You been f–ked your bag up when you punched Ri’ in the face / Talking about fashion week, you sparing who? / Come punch me in my face / It ain’t nun’ but a fade, you know you lost to Frank / Ni–as ran in your house, tied up your aunt ’cause you ain’t pay,” he raps.

“Lil’ boy wanna die ’bout some c–chie? / You still f–ked up ’bout Karrueche? / You tried to beat up Teyana, (No cap) but Usher wouldn’t let you do it / The cocaine got ’em, your honor (White), bipolar disorder, no wonder / You was the greatest, ni–a, you fumbled, going out sad, I’m watching you crumble,” he adds.

“We stomping the yard, you know how that ended / Want smoke with me? OHB mean fighting over h-es and bi–hes / Who gassed you up to put that out? Yeah, that was shi–y, ni–a / I can take a model bi–h and make a Saweetie, ni–a / Crackhead Michael Jackson, bi–h, you better beat it, ni–a / I’m still f–ked up about Takeoff, I want who did it, ni–a.”

However, Breezy seems to be unimpressed with the diss track, as he trashed Quavo on his IG story. “[Face Palm & Laughing emojis] Google Raps That Sh-t is Pooooooh. Damn and I was excited.. that sh-t don’t even need a response. Takeoff rap better.”

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