Mary J. Blige Drops New Song & Video “Still Believe In Love” Feat. Vado

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Mary J. Blige Drops New Song & Video Still Believe In Love Feat. Vado

Mary J. Blige shares a new music video “Still Believe In Love” with Vado.

Mary J. Blige makes her return to the music scene as she releases a brand new single titled “Still Believe In Love”. The song is produced by DJ Cassidy & Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, and it features assistance from Vado. The track arrived with a music video, with direction from Eif Rivera.

“Just ’cause you see me alone and I’m all on my own / It don’t mean a thing / Just know I could find me somebody so easily, yeah / I can’t lower my standards / I demand a guy to treat me like the queen that I be / In the middle of the night fantasize he only thinkin’ ’bout me,” she sings.

“I still believe in it, fear not / No strings attached, tongues out with your shell tops / Like Run-DMC wore, was lovin’ you before / The G4s, yacht parties out on Capri shores,” raps Vado.

This is Mary J. Blige’s first new offering of 2023, and follow-up to her last year’s “Good Morning Gorgeous” album.

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