Joey Badass Returns With New Song “Passports & Suitcases” Feat. KayCyy

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Joey Badass Returns With New Song Passports & Suitcases Feat. KayCyy

Joey Badass shares new track “Passports & Suitcases” with KayCyy.

Joey Badass makes his return to the music scene as he puts out his first release of 2024 titled “Passports & Suitcases” featuring assistance from KayCyy. The song is produced by boysarerolling and it is Joey’s first offering since last year’s April release “Fallin.

“Uh, sometimes, I trip just on how happy we could be / F–k it, girl, let’s take a trip, drop all your sh-t and let’s leave / You ain’t gotta worry ’bout a thing, got everything that you need / Anything that you please,” he sings.

The rapper teased the song earlier this week, and recevied some criticism for switching to some melodic singing vibes on the snippet. “Feels good to be allowed to grow. I never needed permission but thanks anyway guys. New sounds all ‘24…. Whether you like it or not,” he wrote in a tweet. “What Ye said…. “I’d be worried if they said nothinnnnnnnnnnn”.”

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