Chance The Rapper & DJ Premier Drops New Single & Video “Together”

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Chance The Rapper & DJ Premier Drops New Single & Video Together

Chance The Rapper enlisted DJ Premier for “Together”.

Chance The Rapper is back with some more new material as he teams up with producer DJ Premier for a brand new song called “Together” which arrived with a music video. This follows up his recent release “Buried Alive.

“If you keep the house in the family, you can keep the family in the house / If you on the run, you got family in the South / We used to watch “Annie, Are You Okay?” on the couch / My cousin used to slam me ’til I punched him in the mouth / My aunty used to cook for twenty people every week / My uncle in the basement, even if they never speak / He come up, grab a beer, some time he kiss her on the cheek / Know how to fix a plate, and fix a bike and fix a lеak,” he raps.

The new song will appear on his upcoming new album “Star Line.” This will follow up his debut studio album “The Big Day” which dropped in 2019.

Watch the new video below.

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