Vince Staples Releases His Sixth Studio Album “Dark Times”

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Vince Staples Releases His Sixth Studio Album Dark Times

Vince Staples shares new album “Dark Times.”

Vince Staples continues putting out new material as he finally drops his sixth studio album “Dark Times.” This is Staples’ final release with the label Def Jam Recordings, as he departs after more than 10 years. The new project follows up his 2022 release “Ramona Park Broke My Heart.

The project comes with a pack of 13 tracks, with no listed guest appearances. The songs are titled “Close Your Eyes and Swing”, “Government Cheese”, “Children’s Song”, “Justin”, “Nothing Matters”, “Little Homies”, “Freeman” and more.

He recently released the “Shame On The Devil” video, which he called a “personal achievement… it’s me mastering some things I’ve tried before that I wasn’t great at in the beginning. It’s a testament to musical growth, song structure… all the good stuff.”

In a press release, he called his new album “a muscular and revelatory work refining elements that have been present in his catalog for the last decade: dense lyricism over lush, layered beats; wry, melancholic observations about life; finding pockets of light in an endless dark.”

Stream the full thing below.

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