Currensy & Jermaine Dupri Drops New Joint Project “For Motivational Use Only, Vol. 1”

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Currensy & Jermaine Dupri Drops New Joint Project For Motivational Use Only, Vol. 1

Jermaine Dupri and Currensy shares “For Motivational Use Only, Vol. 1”.

As announced, Currensy and Jermaine Dupri join forces on their new joint project called “For Motivational Use Only, Vol. 1” on 4/4 and also on the rapper’s 42nd birthday. The project includes previously released “Never Fall Off” with T.I., “Never Enough” and “Essence Fest“.

The first volume of the album includes 7 tracks, with an additional guest appearance from 2 Chainz on the song called “Off The Lot”.

“I had my mind made up ever since the Jump remix by Kris Kross and SuoerCat that I wanted to work wit bruh,” wrote Currensy. “Years down the line MTV Cribs walked me thru the garage to see the Ferrari, Benz coupe, and the Bentley that determined rather or not you were actually a big dog. As the grind would have it we didn’t link up when I first got in the game because it just wasn’t my time, I’d crossed paths wit the legend often thru making moves wit Wayne but it was clearly not my place to introduce myself or talk about how it was a dream of mine to work with him. I had to play my part ya kno. The universe is the universe tho and it makes things right when it’s hood and ready to haha. We have a zillion songs recorded at this point but we have selected 7 to form an EP and drop at midnight. New music on Tuesday like it used to be . The OGs remember hahah let’s go y’all.”

Dupri’s latest release, “For Motivational Use Only,” marks his first official album since 2001’s “Instructions,” which featured collaborations with a star-studded cast including UGK, Usher, Jadakiss, Nate Dogg, Clipse, Pharrell Williams, and others. “Instructions” also included the chart-topping single “Welcome to Atlanta,” featuring Ludacris.

Stream the full thing below.

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