Flatbush Zombies x Trash Talk – Modern Mayhem

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Flatbush Zombies x Trash Talk – Modern Mayhem Lyrics

(Verse 1: Zombie Juice)
Feeling hotter than summer days
Higher than sun rays
Ain’t religious but we kill every Sunday
Thug waffles out in Belgium next Monday
I tell my homies just how it is
You don’t want to be like me, dog
Look inside yourself, be more
Never set yourself short, always follow your goals
Always get it in gold
Look out the window, inhale the good
Step out the front door and make yourself work
Can’t ride no coat tails
My tag white as hell
This the new era
Legends, this the real
First CD, D-R-U-G
Said it all
I let my mind be free, flowing with this pen
I let my mind be free, flowing with this pen

(Hook: Meechy Darko)
Take a look in the mirror, tell me what do you see
Need to open your eyes, talkin’ ’bout all three
My homies stay on the grind and we all gon’ eat
But touch mine and in due time it’ll be World War 3

(Verse 2: Erick Arc Elliott)
We lose touch, we part ways
I’m torn, my soul’s worn, my heart aches
Next time I get mine I got paid
And I pay who? Cause in truth we all slaves
With organized minds interrogating the police
Then I soon discovered there’s no cover when you go to sleep
Nah homie, only running these
Only an architect, just painting pictures exact
My sonic’s on point like Gary Payton
Persistence and patience have took me further than sittin’ and waitin’
Made music in my basement
Not used to rhyming basic
so I could tell my mom I made it
Roaches on my mattress and my tv set
We got to hide the scent so light the cigarette

Let the trash talk like the beat I’m rhyming after