Watch Nick Cannon Says Gucci Mane Offered To 'Handle Things' During his Eminem Beef

Watch: Nick Cannon Says Gucci Mane Offered To ‘Handle Things’ During his Eminem Beef

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Nick Cannon Reveals Gucci Mane offering help during his feud with Eminem.

Nick Cannon recently sat down with DJ VLAD for an interview where he talked about a lot of topics including his Eminem’s beef with Mariah Carey where Em dragged Nick’s name on the diss track ‘The Warning‘. The topic comes up when they talked about recent comments of Gucci Mane where he said ‘Eminem is not the king of Hip-Hop‘. Nick Cannon said, “Man I love Gucci Mane. You know what’s funny? When me and Eminem had a so-called ‘beef he was one of the few people who told me ‘yo bro, let me handle it, we can handle it.’ All the way to the fact, who was on the ‘obsessed’ record with Mariah? It was Gucci Mane and that was a diss record to Eminem.

Nick Cannon also praised Eminem and revealed that he’s in his Top 5. “Nobody ever thought Eminem was such a tough guy.” said Nick, “Even in his raps, he said I’m not ‘that dude.’ I don’t think he ever tried to come off to be a gangster but you can not knock the fact that he is one of the kings of rap. You gotta give him that. He definitely gonna go on Mount Rushmore of rap as one of the kings. Part of this is because he’s white, let’s keep it real but he’s Elvis Presley. He’s the guy who took it another level no other black man could take it to. Not only because he’s white but his skills spoke for themselves. I’m a huge Eminem fan. He’s one of the best to ever do it. He’s definitely in my Top 5.” Check it out below.

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